Hi, I'm Man Phuah. I'm in passion with Search Engine Optimization SEO and digital marketing. 

My friends around me like to call me Man. (Actually it's my child name) 

Most of the time, when I introduce myself called as Man, people will start to laughing at me without any reason.  😁

Over the 7 years in online marketing, I've been tried many methods to make money online for example like SEO, affiliate marketing, product launches, marketing agency services, e-commerce, video marketing, freelances services and so on...

After many years trial and errors, I found out that I like SEO the most. 

So I continue to pursuing on this road as my career. 

People always ask me how do I find my passion in SEO? 

Well, I did not know this in the early stage of my career. 

I started notice this when after I started making 6 figures with SEO, affiliate marketing and paid advertising. 

Also, I studies about personal development to listen my inner voices time to time by reading books, blogs and watch videos from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziozi.

At the end, I found my true passion, and I started falling deep love into it. 

In case you'd like to hear my story, read on...

SEO Expert Malaysia

My Personal Life

I was born in a small town Kuala Lipis, Malaysia. I Lived there for many years. 

I really put my effort to learn about SEO and affiliate marketing when I was 23 years old from my best friend. He was the one who guiding me the way to achieved my career success in early stage. 

At that time, the reason drove me to study how to make money online was because I saw the income result he was generating as an affiliate, moreover, I'm going to graduating from university and I realized that I need to get a job soonest! 

It really was a nightmare to me that time...

I always believe that I have greatest power within me, I can do something better than just spend the rest of my life to just working on a 9-5 job. 

Due to I'm not from a wealthy family, I got to use my own hand to create my future where everyone dream of.. that is FREEDOM.

That's how I started my journey...

There are few pain points where it consistently make me to keep pushing myself to be the expert in SEO and digital marketing to achieve what I really want in life.

Enough being poor. 
My life is not under my control.
I want to travel whenever I like to discover the beauty of the world without worrying my financial status.
I want to impact lives with my power!

Early Stage of Career

During the process to become an SEO expert, it wasn't easy for me to keep focus to pursuing the goal, because I needed to finish my internship at Alcatel Lucent (acquired by Nokia) in order to complete my degree at university. 

Everyday, I'm busy working together with my manager to complete the project pricing negotiation with other companies, meeting, getting quotation from suppliers on and on... 

I still, will spend my time wisely to learn about digital marketing and SEO during lunch time, print out all the material study while waiting public transport back to my rental room at Setapak, KL. 

At night, after dinner, I'll applied all the stuff that I've been learnt and executing it until midnight 1.00 - 2.00 a.m. consistently.

When almost finish my internship, I started making some small amount of money from affiliate marketing with SEO. It was one of the happier moment in my life!

After completed my degree, I continue to build over hundred websites along the years and outrank competitors to generate online income to sustain my living.

With years of experiences, I know I need to do something greater, that's impact lives... my mission to help out more businesses to grow their customer base and revenue online.

That's how I started Man Phuah Legency: Content Marketing, SEO and Digital Marketing services at affordable price.

Man Phuah Legency Sdn. Bhd.

Man Phuah SEO Training

A Malaysia Premier SEO & Digital Marketing Agency that create legacy, long term impact to your business and to the community.

If you are looking for the best SEO specialist to grow your business or wanted to learn more about how search engine optimization actually can benefits to your business in today world, 

I can help you by specifically design a strategy plan that fit to your company goal.

Feel free to make appointment or visit our discovery application page to see if we are good to working together.

That said, I will release post into my blog about the exact strategies I'm using to rank my own and clients sites, you will find up to date on page, off page, technical SEO and topics about digital marketing. 

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