We Always Double The Leads and Revenue for Our Clients Businesses

Remember: Traffic is good for website but targeted traffic can always convert higher for revenue!


"Do not ever underestimate the power of search as the world has changed"

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Man Phuah


Our Process

1. Website Creation

We will create a webpage which focusing on lead generation for your business if you don't have one. Website is a essential to increase brand exposure for your business online.

2. Website Audit

Here is the process to start if your business have existing website. We will do a whole checking to understand what are the missing elements that cause your website lose to your competitors

3. Keyword Research

To custom a success strategy plan to your business, we wanted to know what are those keywords that your customers always searching at to solve their problem and what are the difficulties level to outrank your competitor in the future.

4. Content Research

Good content is the place where audiences are willing to spend their time to consume for a long period. We'll put all the targeted keywords that fit for your business into those content in article or video form . With this, your website will become an authority medium that they trust.

5. Website Optimization

The process to achieve your business goal will be very slow if this doesn't optimize. At this stage we will maximize the website speed as fast as possible, making it user friendly and also include all the keywords to your website to increase overall performance.

6. Off Page Optimization

We want your business easy to be seen and found at the place your audiences want to spend time with. We do this through, content marketing, guest posting, internal link and external like development, business directories and more... It helps for brand building and increase website authority that Google loves.

7. On Going Consultation & Support

We will do monitoring on weekly basis. On going consultation will be provided on how to improve and gain more! Details report will be provided to understand how your business performing. We will work with you to deliver as many value as we can.

Have other questions about digital marketing not just SEO?

Feel free to contact us at: hello@manphuah.com